My world, no, my whole universe view.

Personally I believe in science as the best way humans can discover how the world works. I know that science doesn’t have all the answers — yet. And its current explanations aren’t necessarily the ultimate truth. How many times has a new discovery caused the books to be rewritten? [Current evidence now shows that many dinosaurs had at least proto-feathers, probably including the Tyrannosaurus. Who’da thunk?] I also believe that the “Big Bang” was most likely the way the universe started. No one can say, based on any evidence, what was there BEFORE the Bang. I believe it was ONE THING. Call it god, call it the god particle, call it the resonance that fills the universe. You, me, the mosquito, the quark, the solar system and everything beyond, are part of some one thing. Could the subatomic particles fit together in certain ways to always form certain atoms consistently in a totally random universe? Could atoms from different parts of the periodic chart always combine in the same way when they meet – if things were indeed random? Science explains what is on this side of the Big Bang, but what started it out and organized the rules that govern the behavior of sub – and full atomic particles? I imagine a snowball set to roll down a slope just to see what happened – what the results would be. Creationism? Bah! Why wold something that has eternity to work with, take a stupid short cut that defies all the observable evidence? I sure don’t feel random. I don’t believe intelligence, the mind — is random. Maybe it’s not the only path nature could take to get here. But the universe does have structure, and I sure as hell can’t learn about it all through any religion.


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